Driving Lessons

Learning to drive can seem daunting – there’s so much to learn – but at Spectrum Driving School, with our experience and our structured approach to your lessons, you will become a fully-qualified and safe driver as smoothly and efficiently as is possible. Everything you’ll need to know will be carefully explained, along with plenty of driving miles, to allow you to develop as a driver, over-and-above the standard required for your Driving Test.


At Spectrum Driving School we generally prefer 90-minute lessons because most pupils find one-hour lessons too short but two-hour lessons too long! And 90-minute lessons also offer the best balance of productive driving time. This is because on a traditional one-hour lesson, with time spent at the beginning of the lesson getting warmed up, and time spent at the end of the lesson getting home, in between you’re only getting around 30-minutes or so of really productive driving time – where a 90-minute lesson gives you twice as much of that precious productive time.


Now, if you already have some driving experience your lessons will be tailored to your specific needs, but if you’re a complete beginner, below is a run-down of how a course of lessons typically unfolds...


In your first lesson, you’ll be driven to either a car park or an area of very quiet roads, where (at last!) you’ll finally get behind the wheel. You’ll have the car’s controls explained, then practice stopping and starting, as well as steering and changing gear. At the end of this first lesson, depending on your progress and the route, it’s often possible for you to drive (at least part-way) home!


In Lesson 2 you’ll further develop the skills you learned in Lesson 1, with a long drive on quiet roads. There will be lots of gear changing! Then, after your long drive, you’ll focus on clutch control skills.


Then, in your next few lessons you’ll have all the different kinds of junctions – from simple Give Ways to roundabouts and traffic lights – explained to you, along with lots of practice at each of them. You’ll also be introduced to the manoeuvres you’ll be asked to do as part of your Driving Test, beginning with the Three Point Turn.


After that, it’s a lesson around Conlig, and that tricky right turn across the dual carriageway – very popular with Driving Examiners!


Then it’s into Newtownards and around the Test Routes there, before a couple of lessons around the Comber routes. During these lessons you’ll learn the other three reversing manoeuvres that you might be asked to perform on your Driving Test, along with the Emergency Stop.


By now you’ll have passed your Theory Test and have your Practical Driving Test booked, so you’ll now be given the chance to show your driving skills in a Mock Driving Test or two – before your final revision lessons – then, finally, heading up to the Test Centre for the real thing!


Oh, and along the way, you’ll also be given the opportunity to drive into Belfast – we’re talking city centre Belfast – for a drive around City Hall and Queen’s University, a drive that will really build your experience and confidence behind the wheel.