Who We Are

Mark Johnston, proprietor of Spectrum Driving School, has a wealth of experience, having taught in excess of a thousand learner drivers over the past 20+ years.  As well as a driving instructor, Mark is also an experienced truck driver and keen motorcyclist.  He has passed the RoSPA advanced driving test at Gold Standard, and written on the subject of driving - both for the UK and US markets.




                                                                     In recognition of Mark's contribution to road safety,

                                                                                        he has been honoured with

                                                               NI Road Safety Awards Driving Instructor of the Year 2015!





Mark's experience, together with his quality, structured tuition, and easy-going manner, combine to produce good drivers and an excellent pass rate.


The structured nature of each individual course of lessons is backed-up by detailed revision notes, personally written by Mark, reflecting what was taught during a specific lesson.




Also helping ensure your driving success is our use of 90-minute driving lessons.  For most learner drivers, one hour is too short but two's too long - 90 minutes sets the right balance for productive, value-for-money driving time.  So why not book now and trust us to get you on the road...